E-Mail with Outlook Express 5, Johann-Christian Hanke

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When the Postman rings twice… The Difference between Outlook and Outlook Express You’ll Need This: a Modem or ISDN Device Decisive: The Choice of Internet Service Provider Dial-Up Networking and E-mail Accounts An Overview – Outlook Express in Brief Sensible Basic Settings for Outlook Express Here’s how: Composing, Sending, and Retrieving E-mail Messages Replying Properly: Quoting and Carrying On a "Conversation" Taking Charge of Your Contacts: Making Life Comfortable with the Address Book Here’s How to Secure the Data in Your Address Book Sending Attached Files Compressing Data with Zip Composing Colorful Letters with HTML Format E-Mail for Pros: Receiving, Sorting, and Archiving The Search Function: Finding E-Mail Messages Quick and Comfortable: Administering Your Mail with Rules Pretty Secure: Encrypting E-mail with Pretty Good Privacy Creating Profiles: Working with Identities Off to Usenet with Outlook Express Downloading Usenet Articles for Offline Reading Better Organized: Tips and Tricks for Using News Genius: Searching with www.deja.com/usenet Tips and Tricks Taking Problems with Mail and News in Hand! Your Service Provider has no News Server Technical "Junk": Installing and Importing

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